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In the blink of an eye

The rhythmic thud of the football on his foot

The swish of grass around her sandals

Their heavy breathing and crunching of crisps,

Slurping of drinks and chatter, chatter

Chat of nonsense and everything.

They laugh and then cry,

Bicker and then love in the blink of an eye.

And that is how they grow;

In the blink of an eye.

Fifteen, twenty years of growing in mind and body,

Chubby dimples change into edges.

Edges of personality and physicality,

Of skills and interests,

Needs and wants.

And I love them.

Every inch of them with every inch of me.

Made from the same cells and home,

Made from constant love and looking,

And in the blink of an eye,

I won’t be here.

So they will love others as I have loved them.

And that is the golden thread 

(like the gold of her hair) 

that shimmers like stardust.

Photo: copyright Rachel Swanick, Druridge Bay, June 2024

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