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Rachel Swanick

I work using a wide range of psychological tools to help people understand their emotional soundscape. Tools such as psychodynamic thought, behavioural techniques, family focused attachment therapy as well as creative songwriting and free improvisation. I have worked with adults experiencing enduring mental ill health, children in palliative care and cancer units, post-adoption families and with profound and multiple learning difficulties. I am a trained APCI assessor - a specialist assessment technique which uses music therapy to assess the clinical needs and emotional attunement of families in distress.

I have been working as a music therapist in Manchester since 2008, since training at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama between 2006 and 2008. I have worked in plenty of different settings - community mental health, recovery settings, special schools and hospitals - which has helped me have a vast and varied arsenal of tools to support individuals and families in their quest for emotional stability. 

I currently work on quite a few different strands: I work with post-adoptive families as a music therapist, an APCI assessor, a music therapy writer, a supervisor and I am a collaborator with Health & Wellbeing Team at the Manchester Museum.

Feel free to contact me using my contact page for more information.

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