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She is Home

Photo: Copyright R Swanick. Taken on Libby's birthday, 21.10.23, Croyde Beach.

I dream of her.

Of Libby.

Of dark hair swishing,

And green eyes flashing.

Perfect teeth, wide smile,

Scent of palma violets,

Glisten of Angel Dust.


We are on the beach.

Clouds moving fast,

Sun shining warm.

The edge of both our worlds.

I feel her fingers in between mine.

We laugh and gaze at each other.

I look up and see the kestrel hovering over the dunes.



I kiss her cheek

And run up the beach.

Leaping, turning, spinning.

She follows me.

Mirroring, monitoring, matching,

Giggling, grinning, together and spinning.

And then the door opens.

I am awake.

Without her.

I breathe.

And she lingers around me,

Like the scent of the sea.

And the knowing that even when I can't see her,

the sun is shining between the edge of our worlds.

Above the clouds.

She is home.

I am home.

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